A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

In the fantastic city of Farhome, there is opportunity. With the deposing of the Dark Overlord from his seat on the Grand Council, a power vacuum has formed. You are one of many political hopefuls vying for this seat. Debate your opponents and win the support of the public to gain the Seventh Throne.

This is the current early version of the game. Still to be added

  • Character Choice
  • Character Art & Music
  • Interactive Tutorial
  • Multiple "Arenas" changing the Topic Web and possibly more
  • Enemy AI
  • Campaign Management
  • Story Mode

I am the Lead Designer and Programmer on this project, as well as Art Director. Two other programmers, Drew Bronson and Sam Doty, have worked on this as part of a Game Studio class. Art by Kimani Emmanuel, (keeks.portfoliobox.net) Music by Hunter Hanson and Tristan Arostegui.


The Seventh Throne (Windows) 32 MB
The Seventh Throne (Mac) 35 MB